Notes By An Unstable Muser Cover

Notes By An Unstable Muser

  1. Blue Box
  2. Stone Intact
  3. The Dance
  4. Storm
  5. My Heart Suggestible
  6. Aeons & Life
  7. Pastels
  8. Heave
  9. Broken Glasses, Torn Pages
  10. Detour
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Beyond Frontiers


Live in Amsterdam

"With OVERHAUL, we are amazed by the diversity of the sound canvas that ranges from symphonic pop to heavy prog and to traditional hard rock and Chopin-like piano"
Lucas Biela -
" Dutch prog revelation"
Headway Festival
"a festival band with a charming frontman"

Overhaul - Blue Box

About Overhaul

Five musicians from all around The Netherlands form alternative metalband Overhaul. With a heavy sound that reminds of bands like Leprous and Meshuggah they combine aggression with romanticism and complex rhythmical structures with melancholy. Through various shifts in style the band has built an eclectic repertoire that is collected on their debut album ‘NOTES BY AN UNSTABLE MUSER’, released september 23rd 2017. The record displays a notion of romanticism that is often lacking in other complex music genres.

In 2014 Overhaul self-released an EP called ‘DAYBREAK’. Only a few months later the song 'Three Judges', taken off this EP, appeared on the first physical edition of internationally renowned platform Progstravaganza, published by Prog Sphere. It brought the band the following critical acclaim: "With OVERHAUL, we are amazed by the diversity of the sound canvas that ranges from symphonic pop to heavy prog and to traditional hard rock and Chopin-like piano,"—Lucas Biela on

But now is three years later, and the band’s style has matured—away from the Dream Theater-esque flamboyance that was evident on ‘Daybreak’. Both instrumentally and lyrically the songs sound darker en sulkier, and the emphasis lies more on compelling song structures that are honest and convincing. “If you compare our demo EP with ‘Notes…’, then taking three years for this new release suddenly doesn’t seem so long; we needed the time to find our identity as a band, and to allow the new material to grow into that direction,” states vocalist Samuel.

But it’s not as if the band completely disappeared for three years. On the contrary, they have been working hard to establish their name by opening for international acts Leprous (NO), Agent Fresco (ISL) and Voyager (AUS) and playing Dutch pop-temple Melkweg. Doing this, they achieved critical acclaims such as “…new Dutch prog revelation” (Headway Festival) and “a festival band with a charming frontman” (Emergenza).

Overhaul Live

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